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A new patient examination is a 40-minute appointment where your dental needs and complete mouth examination will be carried out. All our examinations include a full mouth and gum check, including mouth cancer screening. X-rays will be taken if needed. The dentist will then discuss your Treatment Plan, if there is a clinical need and go through any cosmetic options if you so wish. All time-frames, prognoses, alternatives and costs will be discussed at this point and a treatment plan will be given to you and future bookings will be advised. ​ The benefits of private dentistry is that you choose when you will follow this treatment plan through, although it is advisable not to delay any clinically necessary work, to reduce the risk of further complications at a later date. Decay in a tooth that requires a filling can quickly develop into an invasive and more costly Root Canal Treatment. ​ Come prepared with any questions you have regarding more advanced dental cosmetic options. We offer wide range of options; Implants, In-surgery and home Whitening, Teeth Straightening, Veneers, and Gum and Tooth reshaping. We also have dedicated hygienists within the practice to maintain the oral health of your mouth. Your dentist will advise you if it is necessary to visit the hygienist or alternatively to maintain a healthy mouth and gum book directly via reception.


New patient booking can be made by calling us directly on 0207 624 2234 or filling out the form below.

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